HUBNet is an AllStar RoIP (Radio Over Internet  Protocol)  system based in the UK which runs on the AllStar network

You can access the M0HOY HUBNet on

AllStar Node (Main HUB) 41522 (Backup HUB) 41223, 40749

Echolink M0HOY-L (973498)

A polite request :) When using Echolink please ensure you have set your audio levels correctly using the *ECHOTEST* Audio test server before connecting to HUBNet UK. Thanks in advance Steve M0HOY.

For phone portal access please use AllStar node number 41288

AllStar Audio Test Server node 40894

Welcome to HUBNet

For further information on HUBNet contact.

Steve (M0HOY)


UK RF Gateways on HUBNet

IMPORTANT! You must set your radio to Narrow Deviation (NFM) when using internet gateways.

If you are interested in setting up your own AllStar node visit the Getting Started link at the top of the page. Here you will find information on the hardware you need and I hope to eventually have a complete guide to setting up your node.

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Access HUBNet via DMR BrandMeister TG 23525